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The Ultimate Cleanse


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Ultimate Cleanse
Do it BEFORE you try to lose weight!

If you want to start losing weight, then Listen UP! You need to start with a whole body detox like the Ultimate Cleanse. This little secret makes losing weight and Looking awesome so much easier! It's the one that my entire family uses including my Mother, sisters and husband!

The Ultimate Cleanse is just herbs & fiber in the tablet form. You simply take these for two weeks and your body will go through a thorought cleansing of the liver, kidney, colon, blood, it even kills yeast and parasites!

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The key to this cleanse is that you tailor the amount that you take in order to fit your body's needs. In other words, you take the right amount in order to acheive a goal of 1-3 bowel movements per day (comfortable, life goes on as normal.) You start with a very low strength and gradually work your way up until you reach this goal. Then, you start counting 2 weeks to a month. Although it is cleaning out your entire system, you monitor what is going on with the colon as it is the only thing you can really keep track of. But, if you also feel a little funny, that means it is detoxing your organs!

Think of your liver as the air filter in your car. If it is not clean, the functions of the car cannot operate efficiently, as thus, your weight loss efforts will be in vain.
So, clean out the filter, then go strong into whatever your goals are for health/fitness/weight loss.

Heather DiChickO


2-Part Cleansing Program to Support Detoxification & Cleansing*

Ultimate Cleanse offers a unique, 2-step program that gently works through the digestive tract with the body’s own internal systems to cleanse and detoxify.* The two formulas in Ultimate Cleanse® are Multi-Herb Digestion & Detox Support and Multi-Fiber Cleanse. Each product contains proprietary blends of nutrients, designed to be taken together for best results.*

Part 1: Multi-Herb Digestion & Detox Support
This formulation contains a proprietary blend of herbs traditionally used to support digestive function.*

Part 2: Multi-Fiber Cleanse
includes a variety of fiber sources and complementary herbs to support colon detoxification and help promote 2-3 bowel movements per day.* It is designed to promote healthy digestion and elimination