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Super Silica by Positive Power Nutrition


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Super Silica - the Super Mineral for Skin!


Do you want soft, glowing, radiant looking skin like you had when you were young? The secret is in the Super Mineral - Silica. Most of us are deficient in silica even though it is readily available all around us, this is because we do not absorb it very easily.

When you skin begins to sag and look old, it's usually due to a lack of silica. Silica help the collagen which helps the skin to stay elastic and resilient. It also helps the skin's ability to retain moisture.

Silica is not easily absorbed through our diet, which is why it is necessary to supplement with Super Silica drops for beautiful Skin, Hair and Nails!

Super Silica by Positive Power Nutrition is my favorite by far! It is formulated to absorb effectively and efficiently in our bodies. Just a few drops in a glass of water each day will get your skin glowing right away! (Not to mention all the other cool things it does!)

Heather DiCicco - New Life Natural Foods/Food for Thought - WJBF

Silica is not just for hair, skin, and nails any more!

A greater number of people are discovering Super Silica™ and its amazing benefits, from reduction in pain and inflammation to higher energy to improved memory and concentration. This is supported by recent findings that reveal Americans to be suffering from silica deficiencies in epidemic proportions.

Silica is a trace mineral that used to be readily available in our food supply, but today silica is removed from foods by processing, and even fresh foods are grown in soil that is depleted and has less silica available.

Supplementing this mineral loss with Super Silica™ can make a significant improvement in the health of the brain, heart, arteries, joints, bones, and many other body systems.

Super Silica™ is a blend of pure, ionic silica and CELL POWER. This combination provides the highest silica absorption, up to 20 times more than silica from horsetail.

Super Silica™ contains the proper ratio of all seven elements that must be present for any life form to survive: silicon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, and sulfur.

Super Silica™ measures high in balancing energy and can greatly improve your quality of life.

Super Silica™ is a high-energy concentrate that is added to your own drinking water. This bottle contains more than 1,000,000 mcg of pure, ionic silica that is highly absorbable at the cellular level. This formula is ideal for severe silica deficiencies that no other silica formula can address.

Super Silica™ also keeps for years and years, making it a great dietary supplement for food storage or emergency supply storage.