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Goat Milk Soap

Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream just like you had swallowed it! You have to make sure the soap you use is safe enough to eat, and Naked Nanny's is! Goat Milk breaks down the dead skin cells and nourishes you skin with Vitamins A, C, D, Folic Acid and more! Come to New Life Natural Foods and enjoy all the benefits of Naked Nanny's Goat Milk Soap!
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The Naked Nanny's Story:

Naked Nanny's Naturals didn't just happen overnight.  It seems you could say it was God's plan all along.  It slowly came together, without a business plan, just by living in faith.  The only plan was to walk out each day in love, pressing on to be a blessing to the people in our lives.  So, from blessing to blessing, Naked Nanny’s Naturals came together.          


The first blessing was a gift from my husband to my youngest son; who has a natural interest in animals.  The gift was a baby 'bottle-fed' Nubian dairy goat, from Stocks Farms, Inc..  We thought this could teach a lot more responsibility than just playing farm on the PC.  He had to raise this little baby by bottle, feeding her three times a day.  Needless to say, it became a family affair; as we all enjoyed taking care of her.  By the time she was weaned, she was like part of the family.  We soon knew she needed company and acquired another dairy goat, an American Lamancha, along with her little doe kid; from William Stroud of Cream Star Dairy.  This time we got one that was already "in milk" so we could learn to milk a goat; and, of course, the added benefits of having farm fresh milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter.  William gave us breeding privileges to his champion lineage billy (male goat).  To protect the herd, William advised us to get a Great Pyrenees, a guardian livestock dog.  He then introduced us to Mandy Latimer, president of the Georgia Dairy Goat’s Association, and owner of Latimer Luck Acres.  Mandy just happened to have a Great Pyrenees that she was looking for a good home for.  Mandy gave us Buddy, a fully trained livestock guardian dog.  Reading, searching, and learning all he could about dairy goats, my son came across a Georgia Farmers Market ad for seven Oberhasli dairy goats.  He called the number listed and talked with the owner.  These goats were from champion lineage and deserved premium pricing; with some offspring from this lineage having sold for $4,800 per doe.  He offered my son a special deal of seven for seven (7 does for $700).  Again, we were blessed; and before we knew it, the few had grown into many and a herd was born.


It wasn't long before we had more milk than we could handle.  So, to do something special for my husband, by using up our abundance of milk; I decided to make some goat milk soap.  This solved two of his concerns.  One was not to waste the milk they had worked so hard for; and two, he had become concerned about the chemicals in our personal care products and felt we should go back to some simpler, more natural, items.  I started reading every book and online tutorial on soap making that I could find.  I didn’t choose the easy road to making soap.  I wanted to create a product that I would want to use; a soap that I would be proud to share with my family and friends.  From my research, I determined the best process was the traditional method of “cooking” the soap to insure a safe, neutral bar of soap.  I had heard the horror stories of bathing with “homemade lye soap”, and sought out to make sure that myself, my family, and friends didn’t end up as one of those stories.  I learned that it takes a balanced recipe and gentle heat to neutralize the soap.  From learning soap’s history and studying the processes that produced the finest most luxurious soaps in the world; I set out to create my own process, being a combination of different successful soaps.  With our process, you are guaranteed a safe, mild, creamy, dreamy bar… every time. 


Now that you know how special our soaps are, let me tell you about our milk.  It is truly superior!  Our choice of animal husbandry separates our milk from the rest!  We raise our dairy goats with very little commercial non-medicated feed (just enough for a milking treat).  Did you catch that?  Non-medicated feed.  We learned that most dairy goats are fed “medicated feed”, given commercial wormers on a regular schedule, and given antibiotics at the first sign of sickness. We understand that these are fragile animals, however, we didn’t want these things in our milk, nor did we want these things in our goats.  We found natural ways around these things.  We don’t need “medicated feed” because we don’t let our goats “over-eat” commercial processed foods.  Their diet consists mostly of natural foliage that they browse and eat in the branch, pastures, and woods around the farm.  We found that we could effectively replace commercial wormers with a natural mixture, and that the mixture would also cure other goat ailments since it was high in garlic, a natural antibiotic.  In raising our goats this way, their milk is wholesome and healing.  We also do not own a billy.  Billies have scent glands that permeate their environment, including the milk from the does.  Just having a billy will cause the milk to take on an aroma that some find offensive.  Not having one present, leaves milk that smells and tastes like milk… and not a barnyard.  Once we added an abundance of this farm fresh milk to our cooked-from-scratch soaps, the rest is history.  Customers recognized and appreciated the difference that our soaps were making to their skin.  We are blessed daily hearing how our soaps have helped people.  The list of skin problems resolved and the testimonies just continue to grow.  This alone keeps us soaping. 


After our soaps were successful, we thought that it would be nice to have a milk product that customers could “leave on” their skin.  This would continue the wonderful healing the soap was already doing.  Again after due diligence of reading and learning about individual ingredients, I learned how to make different products from scratch.  We take great pride in the fact that we are able to avoid all 'ready made bases' and have personally formulated each product from scratch, on the farm, from wholesome ingredients.  We can assure our customers they are putting nourishing healing ingredients on their skin.  


We are so blessed to be here on the farm in Metter, Georgia.  We never had a plan or money to build this business.  If you had asked us years ago what we thought we would be doing in the future, milking goats and cooking soap would not have come up in conversation.  We simply walked out each day with the God, striving to please Him; and He alone has blessed our hands and our products.  So, if you happen to give us a call to tell us the great things our products are doing for you, don’t be surprised if you hear a loud “halleluYah”, because He alone deserves the praise and glory!

If you're in the Metter, Georgia area, we'd love to meet you!