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Lessons for Healthy Living DVD Box Set, Reg $67, only $62 with this coupon


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Lessons for Healthy Living - Nutritional Teaching series
24, 20 minute modules on topics such as:
Living vs. Dead Food, How to Alkalize your body
How to Read a food label (be a detective!)
Our "Dis-Ease" Economy and culture,


I have found the best nutritional teaching series ever! It's Lessons for Healthy Living and its a 10 DVD Box Set with 24, 20 minute modules on topics such as: Our Disease Economy, How to Read a Food Label, Living vs. Dead Food, The Importance of Sleep and much more. I love it because they are being COMPLETLEY HONEST about our Disease Culture and then give you simple, easy steps of how to break free and feel better than you felt possible!! Heather DiChickO