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Dr. Martha Dollar, ND, LMT, BEP, CNHP 
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Reflexology $80/hour
Wellness Evaluations via Bio-Energetic Assessment $150/hour

Dr. Dollar's office is inside the store, she offers
Bio-Energetic Assessments and Ingram Reflexology and other modalities to address the whole person as they pursue their journey to health restoration.



xxxxxMy journey in the healing arts began professionally in 1991 after years of health research and discovery.  The Heartwood Institute in California was my first stop on this journey, shortly followed by time spent at the Atlanta School of Massage and Licensing upon completion of curriculum at the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville FL.  My passion for helping hurting people lead me to various forms of therapies, including Ashiatsu (barefoot massage) and Reflexology (which is not massage.)  My interest in Reflexology was overwhelming!  I knew in my heart that the feet held the key to unlocking the mystery of many of our health concerns.  I studied many forms of reflexology through the years until I met Dwight Byers, the founder of the International Institute of Reflexology.  I soon became a certified provider of Ingham reflexology, and then certified to teach others the Ingham Method® of  Reflexology, the original form of reflexology as it is known today.

xxxxxLonging to address the root cause of various health issues showing up in so many people’s lives, I dove in head first to learn everything I could to assist others with their health needs.  I enrolled in Trinity College of Natural Health and rigorously pursued a Doctorate in Natural Medicine. 

xxxxxI utilize Bio-Energetic Assessment, a computer-generated reading of the body systems, to address the  imbalances that may be contributing to ill health and low energy levels.  I DO NOT diagnose, treat or cure disease!  My goal is to teach people how to restore balance within the body through lifestyle modifications and utilizing the various modalities in which I have been trained.