Otho Christian Buxton, M.D., was born on March 13, 1857 in Keedysville, Maryland,  located near the site of the Civil War Battle called Antietam.  Otho was five-years old when this horrific battle occurred.   The following three years of war had an effect on Otho’s parents.  In 1874 they bought him a one-way ticket west to Des Moines Iowa, where his older brother lived.
xxxxxBecause of his Faith, Otho became a Congregational Minister and Preached the Gospel.  Then in the mid 1880’s, he attended Medical School to become a physician. The family joke  was… “he had you covered,  if he couldn’t heal you, he could bury you”.  In 1892, OCB I graduated from the Des Moines School of Eclectic Medicine. 
Note at that time, Eclectic Medicine was Herbal Medicine and considered “State of the Art” science.  “Eclectics” rose to their respected position because they strongly criticized prior medical practices that included blood-letting and mercury-based treatment(s).  Our first President, George Washington, may have died due to those same practices used on him by “orthodox” medical doctors.1
xxxxxIn 1904 Dr. Buxton moved to Webster City Iowa, and purchased a 50-acre farm.  That was the beginning of the “Doc Buxton Farm” which still exists to this day.  Dr. Buxton (OCB I) practiced medicine for over 30 years and died in 1935.   Fortunately for the family and the now self-sustainable farm, his youngest son, Otho Christian Buxton II, (OCB II) became a medical doctor and in 1930 moved to Webster City, to work in his father’s practice.  OCB II practiced orthodox medicine prescribing antibiotics and pharmaceuticals, but believed in natural-alternative medicine, e.g., he prescribed Vitamin E for treatment of coronary artery disease. 
Each year, Iowa’s Governor recognizes century-old family farms with the “Century Farm Award”.  The Doc Buxton Farm received this award in 2004.
xxxxxDr. Buxton (OCB II) was the father of Thomas Buxton, Ph.D. (3rd generation) who with wife Lynda Buxton, her Iowa-born mother and step father (Dorothy and Richard Hanson), and Augusta-born close friend Partners, John and Pat Haywood, founded New Life Natural Foods, in Augusta, GA in 1981.  Richard “Red” Hanson managed New Life from 1981 until 2001.
xxxxxThomas and Lynda Buxton are the parents of Brooke Buxton, Heather DiCicco and Sarah Thornton (4th generation), all who help operate New Life Natural Foods.  Heather DiCicco and husband Lucio DiCicco opened Di Chicko’s Per Peri Café in 2010.  Also that year, to ”save the farm” from extinction, they formed With Thy Might, LLC., which now owns the Doc Buxton Farm. Best of all, there is the 5th family generation, that includes our wonderful-and-perfect Grand Children; Allie DiCicco, Carter Thornton, Luke DiCicco, and Boone Thornton.  We predict that they will continue this 113 year-old tradition……….

1 Michael Castleman, The New Healing Herbs, 3rd edition Rodale Press, 2009, p 28. Michael Castleman, The New Healing Herbs, 3rd edition Rodale Press, 2009, p 28.


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