New Life Natural Foods offers the same warranty as the manufacturer. If you were in need of the warranty, contact us and we will contact Chanson for you. Details of Limited Warranty are listed below.

Chanson Limited Lifetime Water Ionizer Warranty - taken directly from Chanson website.

"We are so confident in the quality and craftsmanship of our Ionizers we proudly offer our Lifetime warranty."

All Chanson Water Ionizers except the Eden model (eden has 3 year warranty) have, a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, which begins from the original date of purchase (ionizer purchased after November 9, 2009). Eden's purchased between Nov. 9, 2009 and Aug 13, 2010 have lifetime warranty coverage. Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and when the ionizer was sold by Chanson Water USA or an authorized dealer of Chanson Water USA. Purchaser must retain the original sales receipt and register the ionizer at:

Chanson Warranty Informatin
This is where you will find your serial number

The warranty covers the original owner only. Repair work can only be done through the Chanson Water USA repair center in Laguna Hills, California or an authorized repair center. Please thoroughly read the owners manual and watch the installation video before attempting to use your ionizer.

How the warranty works:
The Limited Lifetime warranty covers any and/ or all defective parts. For the first five (5) years all parts, labor, and ground shipping back to the customer in the USA are covered. (The customer must pay to ship the product to Chanson or deliver it to a local authorized service center). After the first five (5) years have passed, the customer will have to pay for labor and freight charges but replacement parts remain free for the life of the ionizer.

What is covered:

All Chanson water filtration systems are covered under our warranty. The warranty covers the filter housings, hoses and connectors. There are no exclusions to this warranty. Chanson USA, its manufacturer or its installers will not be responsible for subsequent damages caused by water leaks for any reason. Always be sure your water pressure and plumbing system are up to national plumbing code. Water pressure should never exceed 60 PSI.

When going on vacation or being away from home for any length of time it is advisable to shut water pressure to the house off. If this is not possible then shut the water supply to under sink filters off.
When the installation is new check cabinet and filters for water leaks multiple times over the first week of install. Most plumbing leaks happen within the first 24 hours of install. We recommend having your filter installed by a licensed contractor. There is a leak detection devise available from chanson that will sound an alarm and shut water supply to filters off when a leak is detected, we highly recommend installing this devise. Chanson USA makes no guarantees as to the performance of this devise.

The Limited Lifetime warranty expressly covers all failures due to defects in materials and/or workmanship; which can occur during normal use. This is a “repair or replace” warranty, Chanson Water USA will always attempt to repair your unit, if repair is not possible Chanson Water USA will supply a replacement unit at its discretion.
The Limited Lifetime warranty covers all parts, labor and ground shipping back to the customer in the USA as described above.If the ionizer was purchased from Chanson USA we cover ground shipping each way during the first 60 days. Customers outside the USA take full responsibility for any shipping costs to and from repair center for warranty work and for any duties or customs fees incurred.

What is not covered or what will void my warranty:
Warranty is void if the faucet or ionizer has been opened. All Chanson ionizers and Chanson faucets are factory sealed. Please never attempt to service the machine yourself as this will void your warranty and could cause serious bodily harm.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover damage caused by: floods under the sink, or overhead plumbing leaks, which can cause water to enter the machine. Please be sure you have no plumbing leaks before installing the ionizer; we can provide repair at your expense for such an incident.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover damage caused by: failure to replace filters in a timely manner- the filter not only cleans the water but also protects the ionizer from damage caused by particulates in the water. Filter replacement time should never exceed 14 months please refer to owner’s manual for specific details.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover damages caused by: any mis-use or abuse, such as dropping the unit or knocking into the unit with heavy objects.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover damages caused by: Lighting strikes, power surges, and faulty circuitry in customer’s electrical system or acts of God.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover the exterior finish on the machine or faucet. Our faucet finish is extremely durable and under normal use will last many years. Do Not use harsh detergents or scrubbing type sponges to clean the faucet; a damp clean paper towel followed by a dry paper towel will restore a perfect finish to the faucet.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover damage caused by: setting the TDS value over 14. There is a special adjustment of TDS in a back menu mentioned only on the installation video, this allows customers in different areas to fine tune the machine to their water hardness, 14 is the max setting allowed, never set the TDS value above this number.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover damages caused by: commercial type usage. Chanson residential Ionizers are built to last however they are designed for residential use. Chanson ionizers have a 20-minute safety shut off to prevent floods from unattended use and damage to the unit. For the purpose of this Warranty, Chanson USA will consider commercial usage as; letting the machine run for more than 20 minutes at a time or for more than 4 hours a day total. (This usage is ok from time to time where special needs arise, but not as a daily routine.) If your needs will exceed these “residential” parameters please contact your dealer for “commercial use” product options.
    *It is important to note, Chanson Water USA does not expect the Ionizer to fail under mild commercial uses, but cannot honor the warranty for use not intended by the manufacturer*
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover damages caused by excessive water pressure. The water pressure of the customer’s home should not exceed 60 psi, this is the national plumbing code standard for water pressure in all homes and is not a special request of Chanson Ionizers. Be sure to have your water pressure checked before installing. Call your local plumber for inspection, or for $10.00, you can purchase a water pressure gauge from your local Home Depot and test it yourself. The water pressure gauge simple screws onto any outside hose outlet and will show you your water pressure when turned on. If your water pressure exceeds 60 PSI, all of your plumbing appliances are in jeopardy, please take this seriously. (There is not a reputable plumbing appliance on the market that does not have this exclusion to their warranty, if you do not see it on other ionizer warranties you should be very suspicious.) We are not responsible for damages caused by leaking water under any circumstance.

What happens after the full coverage portion of the warranty has expired?
We are very proud to offer a lifetime maximum repair cost guarantee of $150.00 and lifetime free parts! This means that you will never be charged more than $150.00 to repair your machine after the first five (5) years of this warranty has expired. Customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from Chanson Water USA.

Suggested Maintenance:
Please refer to your owner’s manual for scheduled maintenance requirements.
Ionizers operating in hard water areas, should be sent in to the service/repair center for a thorough internal cleaning once every 2-3 years, however, this will not void your warranty if not done but will give you many more years of reliable service. We highly recommend this servicing your machine regularly; currently the cost of a service is $35.00 plus shipping costs.

Limits and exclusions:
There are no express warranties except as listed above. The warrantor is not responsible for incidental or consequential damage; for or damages arising out of the use of any, unauthorized attachment. All express and implied warranties, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose, are limited to the applicable warranty period.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty service is available by contacting Chanson USA or one of it's authorized dealers. Customer must acquire a Return Authorization Number (RAN) and print a return receipt to include with the ionizer before shipping. And you must include the RAN form when you send the ionizer in for repair or return.

Please never send in your Ionizer for warranty or service without printed return authorization form inside the box. (Customer service will email this to you) Contact- 1-888-624-2169 or Mail ionizer to:

Chanson Water
23341 Del Lago Dr.
Laguna Hills, CA. 92653

Or inquire about other repair locations