Shedding Toxins Sheds the Fat

Detox for a slim figure that lasts.

It’s a toxic world out there. Every day, our bodies are assaulted by pathogens and poisons—which are making us fat!

One theory about why chemicals induce weight gain has to do with the way many of them mimic the effects of estrogen in our bodies. That’s why this group of toxins has come to be known as “false estrogens” or xenoestrogens.

These poisonous infiltrators, whose use skyrocketed since World War II, find various ways of inducing, blocking, or otherwise scrambling our hormonal signals, either because they have deliberately been intended to do so (think weight-inducing animal feeds) or as an accidental effect of what happens as they break down. Either way, xenoestrogens are contributing to a relatively new condition known as estrogen dominance—one symptom of which is a tendency to gain weight.

Every time you’re exposed to plastics, industrial waste, meat, soap, pesticide laden fruits and veggies, car exhaust, and much of the furniture, paneling and carpeting in your home and office you’re setting yourself up for estrogen overload. And as if that weren’t enough, here a few other sources:

• Stress increases the level of the stress hormone cortisol, which contributes to estrogen dominance. Cortisol also causes us to retain tummy fat, making it that much harder to lose both pounds and inches. Too much stress can interfere with our menstrual cycles as well, dumping excess estrogen into our bloodstream.
• Medications such a birth-control pills and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) deliberately add estrogen to our systems—for worthy medical ends, perhaps,  but with troubling results for our weight and health.
• Household chemicals, including scouring powder, dishwashing detergent, laundry soap, fabric softners, and window cleaners, contain numerous xenoestrogenic chemicals, as do the pesticides you may be using in your home or garden.
• Cosmetics and beauty products, including shampoo, makeup, hair dye, hair sprays, lipstick, and fingernail polish and polish remover, may also include additives and preseratives that behave in a xenoestrogenic fashion and work their way into your system through your skin.
• Environmental sources of estrogen include not only the pollutants described above, but also the estrogen-laden feeds given to cows and steers to help them—you guessed it—gain weight.
• Water in virtually every town and city in the United States is chlorinated, and chlorine is a major xenoestrogen. Whether you drink tap water or simply bathe, shower, or swim in it, you’re exposing yourself to a fattening (and possibly carcinogenic) chemical.
• Diet is a big part of the excess estrogen problem for most of us Americans. A shortage of the phytoestrogens naturally found in plants like fruits (oranges, strawberries), vegetables (asparagus, Bussels sprouts, cabbage, radishes), seeds (flaxseeds), and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger) gets our systems out of whack. When our bodies are supplied with enough natural plant estrogens, they more easily slough off excess estrogen into the bloodstreams, which carries it off to be excereted in the urine. Ironically, insufficient estrogen from natural sources can cause our systems to become over-loaded with estrogens from animals fats and artifical sources.

Simple Solutions
Opt for organic foods, whenever possible, to avoid pesticide residues. And when you choose packaged foods, look for BPA-free and natural packaging—less is truly more in this case! But that’s not enough.

If you value your health, many of you have probably decided to lose weight—especially after the holidays. Unfortunately, excess weight can actually weaken the body’s defenses against environmental poisons and pathogens. As your fat melts away, it releases these very toxins that contribute to overweight and obesity—while putting you at risk for new health problems, at least briefly, if you do shed some pounds. But there are solutions.

Detox for Weight Loss
As the “Detox Diva,” I’ve helped millions of people worldwide support their natural detoxification system—and lose weight permanently. There’s a detox plan for every individual to fit every need. Here are two that are particularly effective this time of year. They have helped millions of individuals—just like you—because they support and detoxify the liver, which is crucial to combating the fat-making xenoestrogens in the environment:

The Fat Flush Plan—the classic protocol that revolutionized weight loss, based on my New York Times blockbuster bestseller—involves three separate, unique steps in supporting safe, effective detox—ideal for anyone who needs to lose 20 or more pounds:

Phase 1 – Two-weeks of rapid detoxification and weight loss
Phase 2 – Ongoing Fat Flush for continued weight loss
Phase 3 - A lifelong eating plan for maintaining a healthy weight permanently

The Fast Track Detox Diet that boosts metabolism, while eliminating fattening toxins. After a 10-day prequel or preparation for detox, you can safely lose up to eight pounds overnight with a safe, effective “Miracle Juice” fast that you can make at home—terrific for quick detox, especially when followed by a diet of largely organic foods and grass-fed meats.

Take Charge of Your Success
All of my programs offer a wealth of wholesome foods and recipes, so that you can easily stick with whichever detox protocol best fits your needs. When you want to detox and lose weight, rather than feeling as though you should, you’re much more likely to achieve your goals.

Liver-Lovin Formula is a great product that gives a cleansing boost to help kick start metabolism. Its unique blend of ingredients include:

• Artichoke – a well-known liver healer, loaded with antioxidants to help move toxins through the liver’s detox pathways and boost bile production.
• Chlorophyll – rich in purifying magnesium to further enhance elimination.
• Taurine – boosts the liver’s production of bile to aid in fat digestion and absorption.

Adults should take two capsules two times daily or as directed by a health care professional—and it’s best taken with meals.

Because it’s sometimes hard to consume all the nutrients you need—even with healthy detox protocols—I also recommend taking Weight Loss Formula, the best daily multi for anyone who’s trying to slim down. With Oregon grape root, an antibacterial herb that helps strengthen liver function, chromium to boost metabolism and stabilize blood sugar, L-carnitine to regulate energy production, and methionine to detoxyfy the liver, this offers great detox support.

In addition, Weight Loss Formula contains choline, which is very helpful for fat metabolism in the liver. It’s very supportive to the bile salts by reducing the surface tension of fat particles, allowing them to be more easily broken down by the bile salts. Excellent for fatty liver syndrome because it virtually defats the liver, it’s also very helpful for those who have problems with fat digestion.

As a bonus, detoxing the liver even fights the latest environmental hazard, electropollution. Adults should take one capsule three times daily, preferably with meals.

Detoxifying the body and making healthy choices makes the difference between temporary weight loss—and success that lasts a lifetime.

The Fast Track Detox Diet

The Fat Flush Plan
The Gut Flush Plan