Green Coffee Bean Extract, how does it work?

A recent study published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and Obesity Journal revealed how green coffee bean extract helped participants lose an average of 17 pounds and 16% of their body fat in just 12 weeks.

Burns Stored Body Fat:
As Dr. Lindsey Duncan explained, the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee bean extract has been shown to slow and inhibit the release of sugar into the bloodstream. Slowing the release of sugar into the bloodstream forces the body to burn stored body fat as a source of energy.

Inhibit Fat Buildup in the Body:
Dr. Duncan also explained to the studio audience that the chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract causes the body to burn sugar and fat, primarily in the liver.
When the body burns sugar and fats in the liver, the process of building-up stored body fat is inhibited. Burning sugar and fats in the liver before they can be stored as body fat is critical to weight loss as sugar is converted to fat and stored by the body when not burned.

Boosts Metabolism Safely and Naturally
The combined benefits green coffee bean extract provides in burning body fat, and inhibiting sugar and fat from being stored as body fat create a synergistic effect that naturally and safely boosts metabolism. Boosting metabolism allows the body to burn body fat more efficiently.

Genesis Today’s Green Coffee Bean extract is a unique supplement for natural and healthy weight management. Our product is formulated using only pure, high quality, raw, unroasted green coffee bean extract that has been standardized to contain a minimum of 45% chlorogenic acids, which include a naturally-occurring blend of the 3, 4, and 5-caffeoylquinic acids.

Chlorogenic acids are more present in the raw Green Coffee Bean and not in the familiar aromatic coffee bean due to its chemical change during the roasting process. These unique and powerful acids support healthy body weight, body fat levels, cardiovascular function, and healthy blood sugar levels that are already within normal range.†

The daily dose of Green Coffee Bean contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee at about 15 mg to 23 mg versus the average cup of roasted coffee, which contains about 100 mg to 150 mg. These polyphenol-rich green coffee beans are high in antioxidants and naturally low in caffeine, offering weight management support without the jittery, harsh effect of stimulants.*