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Fat Busters
pH Miracle for Weight Loss
15 Day Weight Loss Cleanse & Flush

Today the human body is staggering under an enormous toxic load and these environmental hazards, from heavy metals to hormone disrupters, are making us fat.
Facing dual epidemics of diabetes and obesity, Americans are sorely in need of both diet and detox.

For decades, though, conventional weight-loss diets called for eliminating fat, while offering low-fat dairy and meats (high in toxic chemicals) and carbohydrates (increasing cravings for salty and sugary foods as well as sensitivity to gluten and yeast-related problems). Not only are these kinds of diets unsatisfying—they're not healthy.

In reality, humans need small amounts of fat-burning fats—omega-3-rich fish and flaxseed oil plus omega-6-rich GLA. Combined with fiber-rich fruits and vegetables and powerful proteins (from fish, grass-fed meat and poultry plus pea, rice, and whey powder), good fat is essential for both permanent weight-loss and overall health.

Acai Cleanse Diet Kit

Reg. $75, now only $64.99!

There has been allot of "misinformation" put on the internet regarding diet and detox with Acai and a Cleanse. There were allot of false promises made calling it a "miracle diet."
As with any diet, be aware of the word "miracle."

Here's the skinny: (the real truth):
Acai has a long list of POSITIVE side effects. These include that it is high in Omega 3, 6 & 9; it is high in fiber, and very low in sugar (almost none). The Omega's lubricate the GI tract, making it easier for the cleanse to work. The fiber helps you to feel full, helping you eat less while also providing bulk to waste, making it easier for the cleanse to work. Acai 100 is the perfect choice because it is 100% Acai liquid. Competing products usually have apple juice or white grape juice which adds unnecessary sugar or, they are in a pill form which is much harder for your body to absorb. Acai 100 provides much needed nutrients for your body and a huge level of antioxidants to support your body as it goes through the cleanse.

The Ultimate Cleanse is our Cleanse of Choice. It is only a two week cleanse, and you get to live a normal life while you do it. There are two bottles of tablets inside the box. One is a combination of herbs, the other a combination of fiber. Some of the herbs work as laxatives while the others work on the liver, kidney, blood, etc. Some examples of these herbs are Milk Thistle and Dandelion. The fiber tablets help your body create the bulk it needs in your waste to actively clean the walls of your colon each time you go to the bathroom.

The primary reason we recommend this cleanse is that you take the right amount for YOUR body. Everybody's body is different - needing different strength of herbs and fiber. The goal is to get to 2 COMFORTABLE bowel movements each day - Life Goes on Like Normal. You don't have to majorly alter your diet, just eat well during these 2 weeks.

Doing the Ultimate Cleanse with Acai is the Best way to kick start a weight loss program. We highly recommend it! - Heather DiCicco, General Manager, New Life Natural Foods
Master Cleanse

only $6.25 


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"I have personally done this cleanse more than 18 times from 2003 onward for periods ranging from 3 to 28 days. I have counseled my wife 3 times, 30 year old son twice, many, many people on the phone, and, more than 1,500 on the Master Cleanse bulletin board during our annual January cleanses (110 in 2004, 228 in 2005, 365 in 2006, 812 in 2007, 709 in 2008 and 1207 in 2009)!

"Please believe me when I say that the Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs is, in my opinion, the fastest and most effective way to regain your vitality and to feel the joy of living again, never mind that it will help you lose weight, detoxify and give you astounding energy." - Peter Glickman

Detox Symptoms: Detoxifying literally means removing poisons from your body. Once these poisons are gone, you will feel energetic, vital, happy and healthy. It is the poisons that make us feel tired, mentally confused, irritable, unhappy, depressed and ill. Consequently you should look forward to detoxification.

Unfortunately, when the toxins are mobilized, they will bring about those unpleasant feelings and tempt you to quit the cleanse before you are through. So, you need to understand the symptoms of detoxification and ensure that you drink your laxative tea and salt water to stimulate elimination of those toxins.

My experience with the cleanse and with various people doing it has taught me that whatever symptom I experienced one day, it would be gone the next morning with my bowel movements. It is nevertheless helpful to know when you are detoxifying because it helps you to get through that symptom to know it will be gone tomorrow.

I have grouped the detox symptoms I and others have had into five groups:

  1. Cravings: Only 1 person in 4 experiences any hunger on this cleanse and drinking more lemonade or water handles usually handles that. I have, however, observed that people on the cleanse crave what they are detoxifying. Proof that this is true is that the cravings usually go away the next morning with bowel movements. You can crave anything when detoxifying, but most likely you will experience cravings for the most toxic foods, such as pizza, hamburgers, barbeque ribs, etc. The way to tell if it's a craving rather than true hunger is to imagine sitting down to a large, green salad. If that inspires you, you're hungry. If all you want is pizza; if that is all you can think about; then, you're experiencing a craving.
  2. Tiredness: When your body fights toxins, whether from detoxifying or an infection, it diverts energy into healing and away from the energy you use to work and play. On my first 20 day cleanse, I was not tired except on the fifteenth day. The next morning, I experienced heat in my bowel movements, an indication that acidic toxins were being eliminated. I also lost all sense of tiredness after that morning's eliminations.
  3. Irritability: This includes boredom and the desire to "just chew something solid".
  4. Physical aches, pains, nausea, vomiting, etc.: These are the most severe reactions and only occur where a person is severely toxic, only a small percentage of people experience these. Fortunately, these have gone away after only a day or two in every case I have heard about.
  5. Hot bowel movements: Your body wastes are acidic and when you eliminate the most toxic ones, they actually feel anywhere from warm to burning. This experience is very infrequent, but worth mentioning because hot bowel movements after a day of heavy detox symptoms will confirm that you just eliminated significant toxins.

Peter Glickman, author


Fat Busters Tablets - Nature's Plus

only $26.39 

These are the fat metabolizing pills that I take. - Heather DiCicco

"The reason I like them so much is that I do not feel a strong jolt of energy, rather a subtle, prolonged sustainable energy throughout the day. I have more energy to either work out, get more work done in the store or around the house. I also find that my appetite is reduced, i.e. I am not obsessing about what I am going to eat all day long, and my mood seems to be a little better!"

This all makes sense when you look at the ingredients. The Green Tea is a natural fat metabolizer and is working on breaking down your fat all day long. It also provides you with the energy, so it is double fantastic! The Chromium Picolinate (often found in Diabetic supplements) helps to regulate your blood sugar which is where you get the reduced food cravings. It also has rhodiola in it which is an adaptogen (meaning helps you adapt to stressful situations, etc.) I like to call rhodiola a "Feel Good Herb" because that is how it makes me feel. Last but not least, there is ginger and black pepper which help you get regular.

I carry these around in my purse and take two every morning!"


The pH Miracle for Weight Loss


Sale price $13.45!

Dr. Robert O. Young

Let’s start with simple math. How many excess pounds do you need to shed to achieve your ideal, healthy weight—10, 30, 100? Whatever your answer, multiply it by two; you now have the MAXIMUM number of days it will take you to reach your goal, if you follow THE pH MIRACEL FOR WEIGHT LOSS.

Despite what you may believe, weight loss is not about fat grams, cholesterol, carbs, or calories. It’s all about acid. Reaching your ideal weight is simply a matter of maintaining the delicate pH balance of the blood. In this latest entry in the successful pH Miracle series, Dr. Young and his wife, chef Shelley Redford Young, offer a simple 7-step lifestyle program to balance your body chemistry, change your shape, and slim down to your ideal body weight—naturally and permanently. Best of all, you’ll be able to eliminate unnecessary fat cells forever.

From the science behind the plan to the dietary do’s and don’ts (along with recipes), a detailed exercise plan, and dozens of dramatic real-life before-and-after photos, this program lays the groundwork for long-term success.
- Dr. Young


15 Day Weight Loss Cleanse & Flush

Sale Price $11.69 

Helps Kick-Start a Weight Loss Program*
Stimulates Digestion*
Helps Ease Occasional Bloating and Supports a Flatter Abdomen*

Slow digestion is a common concern, especially with today’s lifestyle of diets that are often void of fresh raw vegetables and high-fiber foods. Poor assimilation of food can lead to bloating and a feeling of low energy. Having a well-functioning digestive system promotes energy and vitality leading to better overall health.* Nature’s Secret® 15-Day Weight Loss Cleanse & Flush helps stimulates healthy digestion and supports cleaning of the digestive tract.* The botanicals and fiber in this product may help reduce bloating, clean out the digestive system and help to flatten the appearance of the abdomen.* Once your digestive system is cleansed, absorption of nutrients and energy from food is enhanced, making you feel lighter, more energized and healthier.*

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