According to First for Women magazine Jan 2nd issue, there is a fruit fiber that actually melts down stubborn fat and sweeps cholesterol out of the body. They bill it as Dr. Oz’s Rx for extreme weight loss. We know it as African Mango extract. It is among Dr. Oz’s discoveries for 2012.

Whether you wish to drop a few pounds from all the holiday gorging that you did or to look good in your favorite bikini this spring, Dr. Oz has a weight loss strategy for you to follow and reach your target weight. He is recommending African Mango Extract and is backed up by a study showing 10 pounds of weight loss in just four weeks without making any other lifestyle changes.

So before you rush out to the Internet and buy the first African Mango extract you find, there are a couple of things you should know to make a well educated decision. Dr. Oz told his audience on his show that “Taking 150 mg of this African Mango seed extract twice daily has shown to help decrease weight and waist circumference.”

All African Mango is not equal. he also cautioned that it is important to use care on selecting which brand to purchase. He explained that some African Mango supplements don’t contain the extract called IGOB131. Research has shown this to be beneficial for weight loss. There is one brand we know that does contain it, it is Life Extension Integra-Lean Irvingia. Integra-Lean is a product blended with Irvingia and additional fat fighting plant compounds.

There is one more thing that you should be supplementing with besides just African Mango Extract. It is good to take  vitamin B for energy and a multivitamin daily to rev up your metabolism and keep your energy levels high while pursuing a healthy weight-loss program.

In addition to the weight loss benefits, it is also reported that African Mango can lower your LDL cholestrol by as much as 46 percent during the same four weeks. Now that is a great bonus.